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October 2019 Video Update

Wow, what a summer. We've enjoyed the warm weather in this holiday season and time together with family. We had a slightly slower pace of church life meeting over the summer mainly for picnics in the park. Some of the team attended Ashburnham the New Ground camp in the UK, and Pioneer a church planting conference in Malaga, Spain. Autumn has arrived and with it the shorter, wet and windy Berlin days. This autumn welcomes many exciting God adventures for us as a church. We have our first church camp, we're starting our charity (Verein), opening a bank account, and we're on the hunt for a meeting space. We continue to learn about life and mission in Berlin developing ideas for our church vision, name and communications. Whilst things start to become more and more visible, I'm keen we invest time and energy into the unseen groundworks. We've been producing Video Updates every month for the last three years! God spoke to me about doing this, as a way to share news for prayer, envision people, and to be an encouragement for church planting in general. Due to increased responsibility in starting a family and a church, we've decided to remove the pressure of having to produce a video every month. We'll continue to do these videos and prayer newsletters, however, it will be more like every second month. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Please continue to watch, share, read and pray!

#NewGround #Berlin

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