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June 2019 Video Update

Bringing you this months update early due to an exciting few weeks ahead! We've been enjoying a term of equipping with guests visiting our mid-week group times. As well as friends from the UK, we've hosted some local pastors and church planters. We've loved hearing stories and teaching on mission, contextualisation, and sharing the gospel with Berliners. Sarah and I enjoyed getting some time with our good friends Simon & Gwen Elliott, who are off on their own adventure to London soon joining the Everyday church team. Simon shared an excellent encouragement with the team on the importance of solid foundations in Christ. The following day, it just so happened that they started pouring concrete into the foundations of the building site opposite the Cowell's! From the very beginning of this adventure, we've made a point of praying specific prayers attempting to make prayer a foundation of this church plant. We have often prayed through Matthew 7:7-10 listing detailed prayers before our good God. This has often led to lessons of perseverance and trust as we've been seeking, knocking and asking God for breakthrough. One of the things on the list for a while has been for another family from within Newfrontiers (carrying our DNA) to join the church plant. We have recently received news that an outstanding family have followed the call of God and will be joining us here to help plant a church that glorifies God across Berlin. We can't wait to introduce you to them in the coming months.

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