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February 2019 Video Update

February was a full but fun month. Pete met with the Redeemer/New Ground leaders in Brussels, and Sarah attended a Music conference in Amsterdam. We enjoyed having Henk Kersten visiting us as a team for friendship and input. Some of the team just enjoyed a fun weekend away skiing and hanging out together. This coming weekend we'll be attending the New Ground leaders weekend away in Liverpool and seeing family and friends in East Grinstead. On Sunday 3rd March we'll be sharing a Berlin Adventure update at Jubilee Community Church. Thank you for taking the time to watch our monthly video update and read our prayer newsletter. We really value your support. It's a special time for us as a church plant as we enter 2019 building more team, seeking God in prayer for vision and a name for the church. We are having such a fun time studying the book of Acts together, learning from the early church as courageous Spirit-filled disciples fearlessly proclaim and demonstrate the risen Jesus. The apostle Peter has been a particular source of encouragement to us through Acts 3 and 4. Whether it's healing a crippled man who was lame from birth, or then preaching Jesus to the Jewish crowd who had gathered to observe and challenge the miracle. Peter's boldness in Jesus resurrection and life in the Spirit is inspiring.

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