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Video update July 2018

Wow, what a month we've had! We had an awesome time when George, Marissa, Metty and friends from Redeemer International church visited. Both the Benton's and Cowell's celebrated anniversaries, we had a fun mini team weekend in Berlin, and a visit from Dave & Liz Holden. We LOVE being family. One of the classic Newfrontiers vision taglines, was 'A Family Together On A Mission'. Thats what we want to be. Whatever age, stage, or cultural background you are, you're welcome to join this family on a mission to love God and love Berlin. Pete gets real and shares about hitting some challenges this month (We need to spend August and September looking for a flat for the Benton's. If you are a wealthy Christian watching this and want to help us by investing into an incredible couple and vision, you could buy a property for us to rent in this thriving world city)! We are continuing to realise how desperately in need of the gospel Berlin is. So much need, and SOOO many opportunities to share Jesus.

#NewGround #Authenticity #Friends #Berlin

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