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Video Update May 2018

We are two months into our new life in Berlin, and loving it! Berlin is so beautiful and a really cool place to be in the summer. There are so many cafes, parks, lakes, historical and creative spots to explore. Whilst it's a cool place to live, it's also a very key city to be church planting in with many, many hurting, lonely, confused and lost people. The opportunity and need for the gospel is huge and obvious everywhere you look. God have mercy! This month has included a trip to Masstricht for Pete with the New Ground & Redeemer churches, and a week in the UK for Sarah working on a new exciting music project. We've enjoyed adjusting to our new life in Berlin, having guests to stay, meeting neighbours and making new friends. Our weeks are starting to take shape with new part-time jobs, German classes, spending time together, and getting to know Berliners. The Cowell family are SOOOOO amazing, we've loved having them join us this month and are so thrilled to do life with them. Check out this months video update as Sarah asks them about the joys and challenges of counting the cost. We are so grateful to God for adding new team to the Berlin Adventure and can't wait to introduce others to you in the coming months. We are praying God will call others to step out of the boat into the unknown and join us in this exciting faith adventure. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to start city impacting churches that love God and love Berliners.

#Community #Berlin #Authenticity

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