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Rehema Mussanzi Interview

We met many amazing people at Redeemer International church, one of which was Rehema Mussanzi. In this interview Rehema shares his experience of growing up in war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, and his love for the nation. When I first heard Rehema's story I was deeply impacted by the pain that this divided nation has been through, but also the love and faith Rehema and his family have for restoration. Another thing that really impacted me was when Rehema shares his deep gratitude towards his christian parents and the urgent need of care for many orphaned teenagers. Whether it's the sex industry, mining coltan & cobalt for smart phones and eletrical goods in dangerous conditions, or being trained into militia, many orphans are forced into slavery. Please pray for The DRC, the vision Rehema and his family have for peace, and consider what responsibility and part you have to play.

Rehema is also a very talented artist and has released some excellent music where he shares more of his story. Check it out his Music here:

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