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Vlog February 2017

This month's features a trip Pete took to Berlin with Chris Taylor and Pete Cowell to spy out the land. Pete shares a key prophetic encouragement, as two separate people gave us almost an identical word/phrase! Laurence Evans and Kevin Rose both asked God on separate occasions for a prophetic encouragement to give us, and heard God say "Potsdammer Platz/Potsdam'! After putting the phrase into google they realised it was and is a key centre of Berlin. This has been a real encouragement for us in knowing that God has his eye on Berlin.

We are really enjoying settling into life in The Hague and with our new friends from Redeemer International Church. Sadly G's planned visit got cancelled due to 'Storm Doris', which we were gutted about as we miss her lots. The adventure continues...

#DenHaag #Fun #Redeemer

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