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Happy Easter friends, we hope you had a good time celebrating the gospel with friends and family. It was fun to spend our first Easter together in this early phase of our Berlin church plant. On Easter Sunday we enjoyed the resurrection, roast chicken & vege, an Easter egg hunt, followed by games in the garden. Personally we have had a slower month as Sarah was signed off work by the doctor and encouraged to rest due to concerns of an early labour. This was a challenging time for Sarah, not being able to see people or enjoy her work. Pete missed a trip to The Hague to meet with the New Ground and Redeemer planters, but enjoyed Skying in to the gathering and prayer time. We are super proud of the team and so excited for all that God is doing. God is forming an exceptionally gifted and passionate team who are displaying courage and bravery on this Berlin Adventure. We are thrilled to be joined her in Berlin by Matthew and Ann Clifton Brown for two weeks. They brought a team with them from Kings Church Edinburgh to do some outreach, and will be spending some additional time with us as a team over this coming week. Please join us in giving thanks, and going again in prayer (see prayer newsletter).

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Ohhhhhh sorry friends, we are one day late with posting. The first Berlin Adventure video update and prayer newsletter that wasn't out on time. We know all 100+ lovely people who watch this are devastated. We promise we will make it up to you. April is actually our first year anniversary of arriving here in Berlin so it's a big deal, and we have a great month ahead. March was amazing and challenging. New team and people connecting with us, Non-Christians joining us on Sundays, and normal Berlin life. Both Sarah and I have been unwell and had time off work with some forced rest. We are loving digging into Berlin life and culture as a team. These are pioneering days as a church plant as we enjoy encountering God, praying, and learning lots about starting a church from the book of Acts. During March we also visited the UK for the New Ground leaders conference in Liverpool and saw friends and family at JCC, East Grinstead. We are loving this Berlin Adventure and connecting with new people each week. Come visit and send people, prayers and provision our way ;) Thank you for all the support.

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