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Welcome to our Berlin Adventure video updating you on what we've been doing through November 2016. We've been conference junkies this month, attending a couple excellent events. But we now have a lot of good content to digest and chew on before we move to The Hague in January 2017. Make sure you download Sarah and Matt Oakley's single 'Adventure' from iTunes. Matt Oakley is an excellent young musician and producer with a lot of talent. Watch this space for a few more Sarah and Matt tracks. Download Adventure on iTunes


This months Berlin Adventure features us moving out our flat, a third of the way to Berlin! We try and share authentically about how we've had a tough couple of weeks processing the move. The backing track on the Vlog is 'Blessed Hurricane' an excellent track off Pete Coggan's EP a beautiful song declaring truth in the midst of storms. In the grand scheme of things, we feel very blessed. But that doesn't take away from the fact that we have had a tough couple of weeks. Packing up the flat and moving out has been hard and full of emotions and has felt like a storm at times. The reality of packing up our belongings, moving to another country, leaving friends and family hit us hard. Singing lyrics like "Blessed be your name" and "I'm believing you for good things" when you feel tired and low is an active worship decision that helps regain perspective. Sometimes life can be tough, and in those moments we need to hold on to the goodness of God. It can also be helpful to express feelings and emotions to God, not allowing hurt and disappointment to turn into bitterness.


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