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Hallo Leute. Sorry for the delay in sending out this recent email and video update. I said we wouldn't do it monthly but we didn't anticipate we would leave it this long. I hope this informs you well to the latest news about the church plant and our Berlin adventure. A lot has happened since our last email prayer newsletter and we have lots to thanks to God for. Thank you God for the start of our Verein (Non-Profit charity), the board, setting up our legals (appropriate insurances, taxes etc), payroll for Pete's part-time employment, and a church bank account. This involved a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance with a big thanks going to Sabine Cowell for all her hard work. We have also finalised our church name and designed a really cool logo, big thanks goes to the talented George Gibson for that. These are all such exciting steps as we move towards a public launch for the church in the Autumn. Before COVID-19 we had been meeting in a new venue that has been a real blessing for the next stage of the church. We loved the first stages of meeting in our apartment, but it's exciting to now be out in the city with the occasional Berliner walking into a God encounter. Please keep an eye out for the launch of our new website, repost it and share it with all your friends. We were due to host 'Connect Global' an outreach weekend with New Ground's '20s and 30's. We had 20 delegates coming to see Berlin, taste cross-cultural mission, pray and meet the church plant. Obviously, this won't be happening now due to the Coronavirus however we will still be hosting an online prayer meeting next Saturday 2nd May, 20:00 DE (19:00 UK). We'd love you 'friends & family' of the Berlin church plant and the 'Connect Global' delegates to join us plus Dave & Liz Holden for a Zoom prayer meeting and some exciting updates. Please email if you would like to join us and we'll send you the Zoom video link.

Hallo Leute. Wow, our first full year in Berlin and what a year 2019 has been! As Sarah articulates so well in the Vlog, we've had some amazing times we are grateful for but also some challenging times too. As we spent 2019 going through the book of Acts we've learnt that this seems to be a regular pattern for the apostles and the early church. Persecution, challenges, trials, and setbacks as a result of putting God first, followed by gospel advance, healings, churches being established and lives being transformed. We haven't as yet seen any salvation, but we are definitely seeing lives changed, some incredible moments of supernatural provision, and a fantastic team learning how to be Berliners. Our Church Camp was a really significant moment for us as the team of 20 people we've been praying for had gathered together for the first time. Chris Taylor from the New Ground team introduced us to his friends Angela and Greg Kemm originally from Jubilee Cape Town now serving Relational Mission based out of Cambridge. They all served us superbly preaching on resilient faith, being a witness, and a people of the Spirit. We enjoyed some incredible times of worship and prayer, plus much laughter, fun and games. Pete and Abi Cowley and their girls from Jubilee Community Church, East Grinstead also served us with friendship, worship and kids work. Wow! We were blessed. We're so grateful for an incredible team that God is building together. It's such a courageous thing to do, to up-root your life and be planted into a whole new city, church and nation. We are so proud of all the team, the faith and courage they are displaying on a daily basis is inspirational. We're growing as a church community, in length, depth and as followers of Jesus. What will 2020 hold? More challenges with opportunities to trust Jesus, plus much breakthrough and kingdom advance? Please continue to join us in prayer for Berlin and the church.

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