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An interview with David Holden who leads New Ground churches Autumn 2022 sharing updates and reflections coming out of the Pandemic.

Hallo Leute, WELCOME CHURCH BERLIN has officially arrived, wahoooo!! During this week we will be revealing our new logo and website. Keep your eye on our social media channels for the posts and big reveal. We will keep the Berlin Adventure site to share personal and church planting vlogs. However from now on please point people towards The site will be LIVE from Wednesday 1st July. What an adventure God has called us on. Starting a church in a new city and country, far away from everything we're familiar with. Oh and add to all that, during a global pandemic. But God is with us and doing some remarkable things in us. For example, we're planning on baptising our latest Berliner whos joined Welcome Church, praise God. We've been enjoying an extended time of laying foundations and team building. We're learning valuable lessons about being yoked to our older brother Jesus following His pace and rhythm. We've enjoyed precious moments of encountering God during our online church services and have been preaching through some values and biblical foundations. Whilst this is not the timeline we had planned for starting the church, we are learning to give thanks to God in all circumstances. This was supposed to be a big year of hosting outreach weekends and launches. Instead, it's a big year of going deeper into God and going public one small step at a time. We'll be enjoying a more prayerful and relational start to the church. With that in mind, we'd love you to join us in a season of prayer and fasting. At the end of August, we'll be having 21 days of prayer & fasting. A season of focussed prayer seeking God for Berlin and Welcome church. Thank you for your on going support.


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